Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lj Coffeehouse - Winnett St W1

For some reason I had never noticed this lovely little cafe, or even heard of it.  Maybe because Winnett St is one of those streets that I rarely walk down or maybe because when I am in that area with coffee on my mind I am usually heading purposefully to Brewed Boy (just round the corner in Rupert St).  Anyway the important thing is that I have discovered Lj Coffeehouse now, because it's a gem.  I had a flat white there this morning and I have to say it's a long time since I have seen someone make a coffee with such love - the care with which the friendly chap who served me ground the beans, packed the portafilter and steamed the milk was really great to see.  And the result was excellent.  They use Union beans, which I was unsure about but actually tasted really good.  There were some delicious homemade cakes on display and the breakfast menu looked mighty tasty.  I actually went back there this afternoon because I had a major vanilla milkshake craving (hey, I went to the gym today, I deserve a freakin milkshake, don't judge) because I had noticed that they offered a "vanilla bean shake".  Oh man, it was goooood - pretty much like drinking liquefied ultra vanilla beany ice-cream which I know probably makes it a calorie bomb, but who cares.  It was amazing.  So check out this little winner of a cafe - friendly, good coffee, superb milkshakes and (by the looks of it) great food.  What's not to like?


  1. I love this cafe!! Such a friendly spot in the middle of pretentious Soho.

  2. I agree with you on the friendliness of LJ's Trudy but I beg to differ on the "pretentious Soho" bit - I think it's anything but!

  3. I'm from USA and when I was in Soho (my first visit) I happened upon LJ's. The folks were very friendly. I accidentally left my wallet laying on the counter and didn't realize I didn't have it until I got back to my hotel. Upon returning 30 min later, I was greeted with, "You can stop worrying, we found your wallet under our cash register."