Monday, 21 June 2010

Gwilym's Coffee Cart - Whitecross St Market EC1

I had wanted to try out this coffee cart for ages, not least because one of my favourite bloggers Tom rates it so highly and today I finally made it there.  Luckily my nephew Ben works nearby so it was a good excuse to visit him and try some primo caffeine.  I love the area around the Old Street roundabout and the fact that the relentless gentrification of the inner city still has some way to go here (although I was amazed at the huge new apartment buildings that confront you as you come out of the tube - where did they come from?).  And how cool is Whitecross St market?  The food options were amazing - we settled for a chicken burger, which was sensational and like good Aussies we had a lamington with our coffee - life felt pretty good.  Gwilym was not manning the cart but the barista on duty poured me an absolutely sensational flat white (pictured) - it actually made me realise that some of the coffees I have had recently from some of my W1 regular hangouts (I refuse to name names) have been a bit below par.  This was strong, creamy goodness - just the way it should be.  I think I'll be having lunch with Ben more regularly..


  1. Really glad you enjoyed it! Just found my first flat white place in HK (no easy feat) and it was... erm flat.

    This makes me miss them : )

  2. Given the number of Aussie ex pats in HK, there must be a decent coffee place somewhere. That is your mission Tom!