Saturday, 12 June 2010

Barnes Farmers Market - SW13

Ahh Barnes - what a lovely corner of London.  I know the air traffic noise is an issue, I know some people think it's horribly twee and painfully posh but I say go there on a lovely London Summer's day, take the train to Barnes station (one of London's prettiest station buildings), walk along Station Road through lovely Barnes Common, then down Cedars Road to the pond and then tell me what's not to like.  Barnes is like a Utopian vision of London - green spaces, charming Victorian red brick houses, the sound of a cricket ball being thwacked nearby, children watching ducks floating on a pond...OK now I'm beginning to sound twee, sorry...  Anyway on Saturdays if you veer left at the pond you'll see the Barnes Farmers Market at the Essex House Surgery.  It is a small but perfectly formed farmers market - great bread stalls, a fishmongers, fruit & veg, organic meat & eggs, amazing pre-cooked food (French, Moroccan & south east Asian amongst others), cake stalls and a top notch coffee stand (but more about that in another post).  This market just added to my "why I want to live in Barnes" list.  It was hard to capture the charm in a picture and the best one I got has a slightly pissed off teenager in it - so you'll just have to go and see for yourselves.

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