Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tried & True - SW15

It's always a mistake to make rash generalisations and wouldn't you know it, the minute I "break" the news that there are now two great places to get coffee in Putney, I am informed (via a faithful commenter) that there are actually 3 (this is the cue for someone to tell me there are actually 10).  Pointed in the right direction, the other half and I visited the rather lovely Tried & True on the Upper Richmond Road (almost where Putney becomes East Sheen).  Slightly Scandi in it's decor, my first thoughts were that
 this was a charming, chilled, perfect neighbourhood cafe.  We ordered flat whites (creatures of habit, I know) and they were spot on - using Square Mile beans and nice and strong, I was impressed.  I had a super tasty toasted chicken bagel and the other half had a healthy beetroot salad - we shared a chocolate peanut butter cookie on the way out - so big tick on the food options also.  So how lucky you are residents of SW15 - whatever quadrant of this fine part of south-west London you inhabit you are never far from quality caffeine - Grind, Artisan or Tried & True.  Happy days.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Soif - Battersea Rise SW11

I have been to Soif twice now - the first time I left it too long to write about it and it has been several weeks since my second visit.  I'm not sure why the delay - because both times I have loved it and usually that means I can't wait to write up a blog post.  Anyway, that's kinda irrelevant - the point is, I really want to make sure to blog about Soif because it's ace.  I am a big fan of Terroirs and I am really keen to try Brawn, so when these guys opened their latest outpost in my corner of SW London I was super excited.  The formula is similar - great, meat-heavy, hearty menus and wine that is natural and free of additives (which in theory makes for easier hangovers - hurrah).  The
 decor is stripped back, lots of wood, blackboard menus, the odd wine barrel - all in all, a lovely, lovely environment to have a chilled dinner with good friends.  On my first visit, the other half and I shared the bavette with red wine shallots and duck-fat potatoes (which was beef-tastic) but on this visit I decided to go with the fish and it was a good move - the roast cod (I know, I know, cod - don't judge) with spiced chickpeas, spinach & a big dollop of alioli was delicious.  One of the highlights of both Terroirs and Soif is the wine list and we had an amazing Aussie Pinot to go with our food.  Even if you aren't a SW London resident (and I do realise that that will never be the case for some of you) make the trip to Soif, it's really, really good.

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