Monday, 22 March 2010

Brewed Boy coffee cart - Rupert St W1

Hooray - more great coffee in Soho and our very own coffee cart (given we W1 folk are sadly far away from Gwilym's carts).  I was alerted to Brewed Boy by the discerning Greedy Diva and so off I trotted to Rupert St for my post lunch coffee.  Manning this dinky coffee cart is the super friendly Rob (great name by the way...), recently back from 8 years in Brisbane, Australia (or as we Aussies call it BrisVegas).  He has certainly brought back Aussie coffee skills with him - my flat white was excellent, the familiar taste of Square Mile beans plus expertly steamed milk.  If you were walking from Shaftesbury Avenue to Oxford Street you can now get 3 great coffees in pretty much a straight line - Brewed Boy, followed by Foxcroft & Ginger and Flat White on Rupert St.  I only noticed when I uploaded my photo that his sign also says "book exchange" - what a great idea!  Apparently Rob has had some issues with a local caf that doesn't like him being on their turf - given the quality of brew this guys is serving I don't doubt they feel threatened.  So show your support by heading down there and sampling some Brewed Boy coffee, have a chat with Rob and perhaps swap yourself some new reading matter.


  1. I walked past this cart today but didn't have time to stop for some coffee. Sounds like I should make time!!

  2. Such a small city - we ran into him in Archway, where he works on the weekend and he does the best Flat White. He seems to be the new hot thing in coffee....

  3. He did speak fondly of Archway but think he will now be Soho based at least on Saturday.