Saturday, 5 June 2010

Cortado vs Flat White

Apologies for the lack of posts - I have been on the road, including Spain, this past week and I am heading back to London having consumed many cafe cortados.  Which gets me to thinking - maybe I can cut down on the amount of milk I drink each day (given I consume at least 4 flat whites before 5pm) by swapping out a FW for a cortado now and then, or a stumpy (in Fernandez & Wells land).  What a gem of a coffee a cortado is - I always find a macchiatto to be little more than a frothy espresso (so why not have an espresso I ask myself...) but a cortado has just enough milk to take the edge of the shot but not so much that you feel the dairy overload.  Anyway, just a thought - don´t howl me down too quickly macchiatto fans!


  1. I couldn't agree more.

    I drink cortados all the time in Tenerife and Barcelona. They get the milk just right. Where's even a small Starbucks latte is like where's the coffee?

    Also, if you fancy a treat order a cafe bonbon or a cafe con condensada. It's like a cortado with condensed milk insted of milk - Real sweet with and insane caffeine kick

  2. Thanks for the tip Funk - cafe con condensada sounds like my idea of coffee heaven. Also reminds me of being in Laos - they would brew really strong black coffee in a saucepan and then pour over condensed milk. SO good!