Tuesday, 22 June 2010

BT Tower - Fitzrovia W1

I was really upset about the demolition of the Middlesex Hospital in Mortimer St - it was such a great building and the fact it was demolished as part of a Candy & Candy project wankily called "Noho" (*vomit*) which has now stalled made me even more mad.  Anyway, on to more positive things - the whopping great hole left by the demolition offers an amazing and virtually uninterrupted view of the BT Tower in all its phallic glory.  I have always loved this building, maybe because it appeared in episodes of my two favourite childhood shows - Dr Who and The Goodies (we didn't have that much local TV in Australia in the 70s!) but also just because it looks cool and whenever I catch a glimpse of it from other parts of London it grounds me to Fitzrovia and provides a sort of giant drawing pin in the landscape of this city.  I finally got to go up it last year and the views are amazing - I am very excited that the restaurant at the top is going to once again be open to the public (or so I'm told).  So hooray for the BT Tower, a funky optimistic bit of 60s swagger that has become London's Eiffel Tower of sorts.

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