Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Scandinavian Kitchen - W1

I had walked past the Scandinavian Kitchen on Great Titchfield St many times (often after having an excellent flat white at Kaffeine) and wondered what it was like.  Well, yesterday I went there for lunch and found out - and the verdict?  Me likee.  I have to admit I am a bit of a fan of the Scandi - love Scandi design, love the countries themselves (Copenhagen is right up there as one of my favourite cities) and love the whole ethos (or at least my perhaps naive assumption of what that is).  Anyway, my first impressions of the Scandi Kitchen were good - yummy looking food on display, plus a sort of mini Scandi supermarket going on, with all sorts of tasty looking products, rye crispbreads, chocolate, pickled herrings, roe, squeeze bottles of funky mayonnaise etc.  I am a sucker for foreign sweets - preferably with weird, retro looking wrappers and there were plenty on offer here, however I am trying to seriously reduce my chocolate/sugar intake so I just looked.  When it's time for a binge though I will be back!  The deal for lunch is that you can choose either 3 (£5.75) or 5 (£8.25) items from the smorgasbord - it was a little bare when I got there (must have been rush hour) and I noticed several other tasty treats as I left so I will need to return to try some of the things I missed.  Having said that I had three really great dishes - a carrot, red cabbage, sultana & citrus dressed salad, "pizzasalad" of white cabbage with an oregano vinaigrette and some rare roast beef on dark rye bread with crispy onions & horseradish.  It felt quite healthy but was also full of flavour.  The tables were a little crowded together - this place is obviously popular so they are trying to cram in as many punters as possible.  Overall I really liked this place and it slots neatly into my rose-tinted view of all things Scandi.

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  1. Awww, thanks for the nice words. We're happy you liked our place.

    Best time to pop by to see a full smorgasbord is just before midday when the counter is fully stocked before the lunch rush.

    If you are feelign adventerous next time try the curried herring (it's yummy) and we promise a life long addiction if you try the sticky Swedish chocolate cake. It's so gooey.

    See you again soon

    the kitchen folk

  2. I will definitely try the curried herring! I wish you hadn't mentioned that chocolate cake - it will haunt my dreams... See you soon.