Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gelupo - Archer St W1

Those of you who are fans of Bocca di Lupo (and I am one) may have noticed the familiar wolf-branding appearing on the other side of Archer Street recently.  Their new venture is called Gelupo and is the closest you'll get to an Italian gelato parlour in London, which in my book is wonderful news.  With the sun out (at least for now) thoughts turn to ice-cream of all sorts and so anywhere that is serving the primo variety is bound to be a winner.  They offer creamy gelato as well as sorbets and granitas.  I sampled blood orange granita which was refreshing and delicious, as well as creamy coffee, honey & ricotta gelato (and yes it was as amazing as it sounds) and coconut sorbet (ice cream perfection).  The chocolate gelato, which I did not try, looked spectacular.  They also serve coffee (I had a macchiato which was quite good - but this place is about the ice-cream, if I want coffee Brewed Boy is just around the corner) and a selection of foccacias.  Apparently when their "doughnut sign" is up they will be serving freshly fried bombe calde – doughnuts filled with chocolate...excuse me I just passed out...  At the back are Italian groceries for sale, as well as frozen pastas, sauces and sausages from Bocca di Lupo (how cool is that?).  I am so excited about this place - I predict I will be spending a lot of time here over what is hopefully going to be a long, hot Summer.

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