Saturday, 12 June 2010

WeanieBeans - Saturdays in Barnes SW13

Thanks to the excellent Beanhunter site I discovered the WeanieBeans coffee stand at Barnes Farmers Market.  I'll be honest - I had planned an East London mission today but I was too lazy to haul my arse across the river and so, like a lot of SW Londoners I stayed within a 2 mile radius of where I live and headed to Barnes instead.  I have already blogged about the wonderful farmers market and inside is a gem of a coffee stand - manned by the lovely Adeline (pictured).  WeanieBeans is her company and via their website you can buy coffee beans and coffee paraphernalia amongst other things. She also sells expertly brewed caffeine from her stand, which appears at various locations around town.
The Barnes gig is every Saturday but you can find her as far afield as Islington, Chiswick and Uxbridge.  I had a flat white (hey - I'm a predictable guy) and as you can see from the picture it was very pretty to look at.  It tasted good too - using Climpsons beans and poured with perfectly steamed milk.  If I had to give any constructive criticism I would say that the milk was a tad too hot for my tastes but it didn't take away from the flavour and enjoyment of my flattie.  So go and visit Adeline and sample her fine coffee - she was also selling Anzac biscuits so all  your needs are covered.

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