Saturday, 3 March 2012

Victoria Embankment Dragons - EC4

I have written before about some of the (many) dragons in the City of London - my favourite being the amazing weather vane on top of St Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside.  Once you start looking for dragon imagery in the square mile it seems to be everywhere - but the dragons you certainly can't miss are those welcoming you (or warning you not to enter?) at the boundaries of the City of Westminster and the City of London.  These two magnificent specimens are located on the Victoria Embankment and once guarded the entrance to the Coal Exchange in Lower Thames Street.  I am seriously thinking about creating a dragon walking tour of London and I think these two fellas would be a good place to start.


  1. Rob - have you seen this website? Right up your alley if you like the dragons

  2. I noticed this morning that the two dragons on Embankment were gone. Assumed they are being cleaned prior to the Olmypics.

  3. I hope so Paul! Maybe they flew off...