Sunday, 18 March 2012

Flat Cap - St Giles WC2

As London enjoys the plethora of great coffee options now available (remember those times when it was Monmouth or nothing people - it ain't that long ago!) we need to take some time to give a nod to the people that have helped this happy state of affairs occur.  In my mind, one who deserves special attention is Fabio Ferreira - from the first Flat Cap cart in Strutton Ground, SW1 - Fabio's coffee outlets have put a smile on my face.  Typified by good service, great coffee (made with Square Mile beans) and a whole lotta class, all of Fabio's locations are great.  Notes Music & Coffee on St Martin's Lane is something really special and marked Fabio's move from cart to cafe.  The follow up Notes in Covent Garden is just as good and the other Flat Cap carts are worthy additions to the fold.  I still haven't visited the Borough cart (although I plan to soon) but I was an early visitor to the Fleet St one (thanks to my friend Gen - who alerted me to the very first Flat Cap cart as well) and I am delighted to welcome the latest, Flat Cap St Giles, which (joy of joys) happens to be directly across the road from the building my company is moving into in April.  Not good news for the surrounding cafes however as it's unlikely I will feel the need to look further afield, when I have a Flat Cap cart on my doorstep - hurrah!

ADDENDUM: Alerted by a helpful commenter on this blog post, it appears I am only up with half the story and should have also given a shout out to Fabio's business partner, Rob Robinson as well.  Certainly was not meaning to exclude Rob - so big up to him too.  Thanks for the (continuing) service to London's caffeine-starved population.  You guys rock!


  1. What about Rob? :)

  2. Whoops - don't know these guys personally and was only aware of Fabio. I'll rectify in the blog post immediately!