Monday, 12 March 2012

Full Stop - Brick Lane E1

My friend Rob, who works near Edgeware Road (in that sort of no-mans land that isn't St John's Wood, isn't Marylebone and isn't Paddington) is still sad about the departure of Peter Duggan's Indie Coffee cart.  I'm sure there are many workers and residents of NW8 who feel the same sense of loss.  Conversely, there must be lots of E1 folk who love the fact that Peter upped sticks and found a permanent home on Brick Lane, called Full Stop.  As a fan of Indie Coffee's flat whites, I was keen to check out Full Stop but it has taken me a while to get there - first impressions were that this was a really cool space, it reminded me of bars/cafes from my home town of Melbourne, with that old sofa, booth kind of vibe.  I ordered a flat white and a ham & cheese sandwich and both were great.  Peter is definitely a master of the bean and the combination of his skill and Square Mile's finest, meant my flat white was mighty fine (as you can see).  Brick Lane was
pretty quiet on Saturday morning so the whole experience was really relaxing - I imagine when Spitalfields and Brick Lane are in full force, it is probably more hectic but there is plenty of seating here, so I can highly recommend Full Stop as a the perfect pit-stop during your market trawling.  There were all sorts of tasty treats on display and the service is great - as you can probably tell, I'm a fan, NW8's loss is definitely E1's gain.


  1. I liked it but thought the service was a bit patchy! Hmmm.

  2. You're a hard woman to please Gen! Give these guys another go - I am a big fan and Peter's coffee making skills are right up there.

  3. I miss Peter and the cart at the market too! There are NO good coffee places in the West. Closest is Sensory Lab which is phenomenal...
    Come on Flat Cap, expand out there.

  4. For me the best tasting coffee in London. If only we could get the cart back too! My wish: take a leaf out Flat Cap's book and do both Pete.