Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sacred - Westfield W12

The jury is still out for me on the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush (or SheBu if you prefer).  On the one hand, there are some really great places to eat (Pho, Byron & Comptoir Libonais to name a few) and there are some cool shops there.  On the other's kinda hideous.  As much as it's a vast barn of a place, I find it stifling and after about half an hour I really need to get out into fresh air and normality.  It certainly does brighten up SheBu though - as much as I am all for preserving gritty London and keeping it real, I don't think anyone would say that this part of London was better pre-Westfield.  And it gives the poor old BBC staff somewhere nice to spend their lunch hour.  Anyway - this is not a post about Westfield, it's a post about Sacred cafe which serves mighty fine coffee inside the shopping centre.  I have written about Sacred before - the original cafe is in Ganton St, off Carnaby St and five other outlets have popped up including this one.  The flat whites are strong and made with their own brand beans.  Tasty cakes and sandwiches are also on offer and all their cafes have that slightly rough 'n ready Kiwi charm to them - know what I mean bro?  Anyway - if you do find yourself wandering around Westfield in a cold sweat like me then take a moment, visit Sacred, calm yourself by staring at the big gold angel and sip a primo flattie - I promise you'll feel much better.

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