Friday, 22 January 2010

Foxcroft & Ginger - Berwick St W1

Hooray - a new venue for great coffee in Soho within walking distance of my office.  I only noticed Foxcroft & Ginger today but apparently these guys have been open for a couple of weeks (check out their website).  First impressions were good - the place looks funky but welcoming, there is a great display of cupcakes, scones, brownies and sandwiches to greet you and a friendly Aussie behind the behemoth of a coffee machine.  What more can you ask for?  They are still waiting on their cups so I got my flat white in a glass, but taste wise it was great - strong coffee, nicely steamed milk, familiar Monmouth taste (although less familiar these days - as cafes defect to Square Mile beans).  Because I am weak and I have a legendary sweet tooth, I also had a carrot-cake cupcake - which was sensational.  With carrot cake it's all about the cream cheese icing and this example was textbook.  I realy like this place and I will definitely be back - you should go and check it out.  I love making a new addition to my Central London Coffee Survival Guide Map.

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  1. My love of carrot cake is profound. Wish I had tried it there! Glad to see we are in to the same kind of places.

    I want to revisit Bea's next as when I went there we had a profoundly bad service experience which seems (from everybody else's love of it) a once off.

  2. must agree, the coffee was fantastic, the fit out very well done... and the company not bad either!

  3. I rate this place too - up there with the other coffee big guns in the golden coffee square mile of Soho.