Friday, 12 March 2010

Great Video - Norwegian Coffee Hunters

This is great - Gwilym Davies (World Barista Champion and coffee cart legend) has created a "disloyalty card" with the aim of sending punters to 8 of his favourite London coffee places.  And here are some caffeined-up Scandis doing it all in one day...

Java goes to London from Tomas Jensen on Vimeo.


  1. How cool is that?

    Ben (The Espresso Room) has similarly, generously shared recommendations with me of excellent places in the area to try (including Gwilym's place, natch). Gwilym Davies has turned this into something very specific and easy to act upon.

    Ben (Owner) recommends:
    * Dose Espresso
    * Tina we salute you
    * Taste of bitter love
    * Climpson and sons
    * Taylor St baristas
    * Gwilym at Present
    * Lantana
    * Flat White
    * Milk Bar
    * Fernandez and Wells
    * Nude Espresso

    I've placed his recommendations and yours in my Google map for London:,-0.381775&spn=0.653077,1.385651&z=10


  2. Thanks Robert - this is great. I am actually off to East London this weekend to fill in some of the gaps in my coffee hunting. I tend to be a bit Soho-centric!

  3. Rob -

    I forgot to mention the obvious: THANKS!!! Many people appreciate your great coverage, as it is a wonderful, common resource (similar to Gwilym's effort) to point folks to excellence. Many thanks for your efforts, as they are certainly being put to good use. I refer to your compendium (to enhace my experience) every time that I am in your town.


  4. Really appreciate your comments Robert - glad you like the blog. Amazing how coffee as a common passion can create a community - all that from a humble blend of roasted beans and steamed milk!