Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sacred - Ganton St W1

I feel a bit guilty about Sacred.  I had heard good things and I had a pretty good coffee there last year but I think I must have been in a bad mood when I went there because I remember not liking the interior and mentally crossing it off in my mind as a place I needed to visit (given there is no shortage of primo caffeine in Soho).  Today I was walking down Carnaby St and I felt the urge for a flat white just as I was walking past Ganton St so I decided to check it out again and I'm not sure why I was so dismissive before.  Sure, it does remind me a bit of a back-packer cafe and the whole "sacred" motif is a bit over-done but this is a cosy, welcoming place with lovely staff, great coffee and really delicious looking food on offer.  Feeling a bit like the grinch, I ordered a flat white to go - as soon as I got outside I took the lid off and had a look.  All signs were good and the taste test confirmed it - creamy milk and a good strong espresso hit.  Not sure of where their beans come from but they tasted like Monmouth to me.  I like their whole ethos (which you can read on their website) and I feel like I need to make amends for my attitude so I'll be back to put money in the till at Sacred!

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  1. Sacred gets overlooked because of the flashy newcomers - it rules!

  2. And they have a book club! I was considering joining...