Saturday, 27 March 2010

Caravan - Exmouth Market EC1

The Kiwi machine charges on - Caravan has recently opened on Exmouth Market (one of my favourite London streets) with Miles Kirby from Marylebone gem The Providores at the helm.  It's a really lovely space - a big airy room, buzzy but cosy.  I went there with my friend Rob for breakfast and I felt like I was back in Melbourne - it had that great breakfast vibe that is rare in London.  I was always frustrated here that for all the amazing restaurants, cool bars and clubs, there were very few places you could have a relaxed weekend breakfast - it was either greasy spoon or high-end.  I admit that has changed for the better in the last few years but a lot of the places are tiny so unless you are there bright and early it's tricky to get a table.  Caravan is big enough so that getting seated seems easier - having said that it is relatively new and it is really great so I'm sure word will spread and it will get trickier. Coffee is a focus here and the guys roast their own beans and create special blends for different times of the year.  The results are absolutely top notch - I had two of the best coffees I have had in a long time - a flat white and a cortado (which is increasingly becoming my coffee of choice) with a really fruity flavour to the beans and perfectly steamed milk.  Check out these little beauties (how cute is the cortado?!):

I had such a tasty breakfast - grilled ham with bubble and squeak, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  How good does that sound?  Well let me tell you it tasted even better.  There was a slight mix up with our order and it took a little longer to come but they were so charming about it that it really didn't matter and it got us talking to the friendly Kiwi couple sitting next to us so it all got very chummy and chatty and added to the whole experience.  I really loved this place and I can't wait to go back.

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  1. We went there today and had a great time. I kind of wish they had the ventilation sorted as I wanted to see and smell the coffee roaster going.

    Glad you reminded me about cortados. Haven't had them since BA but used to love them there. I'll have a malbec tonight in memoriam : )

  2. Did you see the set up downstairs? Would be good to get the smell wafting upstairs. Funnily enough I was telling my mate this morning about your blog - there's synchronicity for you!

  3. Yup - never been to Aus or NZ and really want to go as I love the idea of a roaster in every shop.