Friday, 19 March 2010

Hix - Brewer St W1

I had not been to any of Mark Hix's restaurants but my visit to Hix on Brewer St (as opposed to his Oyster & Chop House in Farringdon) makes me want to go to them all.  It was a quick lunch with people who didn't want starters or dessert (boo) so I had a main course only - but it was delicious.  I had hogget chops and they were pefect - also guilt free as a hogget is older than a lamb, so more than ready to be on my plate.  The space is really cool too - it's a little tricky to work out how to get in (see picture above) but once you do the main restaurant is a big airy space with simple tables and chairs and weird and wonderful pieces of art and sculpture dotted around.  There is also a bar downstairs, Mark's which looks great and is definitely somewhere I want to go for drinks soon (if only I wasn't so much of an old stay-at-home these days - I do love my couch and my Sky+).  So a pretty sketchy review really - but I did like what I saw and what I ate and I will definitely go back.

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