Monday, 3 September 2012

Lamb & Flag - Rose St WC2

Today's post continues my recent alleway theme (I used to write mainly about coffee and Bloomsbury, now it seems to be alleyways...).  If you are sashaying down Floral St (one of Covent Garden's better shopping streets) then take a tuen into the rather cramped Lazenby Court.  If you are over 5'8" then get ready to duck to avoid a dong to the head - as you emerge on to Rose Street you will find yourself out the front of one of central London's most charming and dinky pubs, the Lamb & Flag.  Whilst the facade was rebuilt in the 20th century, there are relics of an 18th
 century house frame inside and there has certainly been records of a pub on this site since 1772.  But it's not really about the history here - it's more about finding what feels like a secret pub, sinking a few pints of London Pride with good friends outside (weather permitting) and hopefully avoiding the bare-knuckle fighting that was de rigeur at this establishment in the 19th century - earning it the sobriquet "The Bucket of Blood". Lamb & Flag on Urbanspoon

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