Wednesday, 26 September 2012

91-101 Worship St - EC2

The area around Liverpool St station, heading north-east towards Shoreditch/Bethnal Green, whilst somewhat encroached on by steel and glass towers and the City, still has some gems to remind us of the "old" East End.  And you know what - I quite like the juxtaposition (it's a morning for long words) of old and new - so long as there is enough of the old left that is and so long as the old is not tarted up too much and turned into a bland imitation of itself (I am not a fan of the "improvement" of Spitalfields market for example).  Illustrating perfectly the concept of the old nestling against the new is this row of Victorian buildings that we stumbled upon last weekend.  Within spitting distance of Liverpool St station on Worship St, Nos 90-101 were built in 1862 as combination workshop/houses by architect Philip Webb, a major figure in the Arts & Crafts movement.  It is the little details on these buldings that I love - the brickwork above the windows, the steep pitched rooves - so much of Victorian architecture is homogeneous (I told you it was long word morning...) and these for me stand out.  I hope these biuldings are cherished - some of them are lookoing a tad shabby.  I would love to buy one and turn it into my East End pad.

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