Monday, 17 September 2012

Dirty Burger - NW5

Burgers - what a year it's been for burgers in London eh?  Seems like every corner you walk around there is either a food truck selling a burger (a la Mother Flipper), a cool diner style eatery selling burgers (a la Honest Burger) or just some dude wolfing down a burger (a la me).  It is the time of the burger, the era of the beef patty, indeed the golden age of the bun.  Anyway, before I whip myself into a frenzy, let's re-focus on Dirty Burger, one of the more recent burger joints in town and certainly one that has been getting a lot of attention, not least because it is located behind Nick Jones' new Kentish Town foodie destinations, Pizza East & Chicken Shop.  And when I say it's located behind, it would be more accurate to say "in a lean-to in the car-park" which I suppose adds to the rough 'n ready burger ethos these guys are trying to establish.  I liked it - the corrugated iron shack vibe made me a bit homesick for Australia, where corrugated iron abounds (not sure where I am going with this, back to the burgers....)  Dirty Burger is a pretty simple proposition - after 11 am the choice is limited to one burger, a cheeseburger and a choice of either crinkle-cir or onion fries (before 11am they do a "dirty breakfast" which I am really keen to sample).  There are the usual soft drinks and shakes but given we were in NW5 we were forced (willingly) by Ben to imbibe the local Camden Pale Ale, which is a mighty fine brew.
 The burgers were on the small side (which I think is actually a good thing - they were just right) and friggin' delicious.  The onion fries were a bit of a revelation - I could have happily chowed through several bags of those.  The shack is so small that the seating area was full (it was 7.30 on a Saturday night so no surprises) so the four of us sat outside on the metal steps, happily munching away at our burgers and slurping down our pale ale.  It was pretty fine actually - happy days. Dirty Burger on Urbanspoon


  1. I believe Dirty Burger is also part of the Soho House group - along with Pizza East & Chicken Shop

  2. Hi Frank (or Frankly?) - yes, that's right, sorry if I didn't make that clear in the blog post.