Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Artisan - Upper Richmond Rd SW15

You know the London coffee revolution is spreading when leafy SW15 has not one but two places to go for a decent flat white.  If you are Putney river side (perhaps having just downed your oar and needing a restorative coffee with the other member of your eight) then Grind is your place - a lovely cafe that was a breath of fresh air to the rather tired Lower Richmond Road when it opened.  However, for coffee addicts from the southern reaches of Putney, the pickings were slim and chainy until the arrival last year of Artisan on the Upper Richmond Rd.  Except for the fact that Artisan is on one of SW London's worst traffic roads (oh how many traffic jams I have been stuck in on this road - if only I could have those hours back...) the cafe is really chilled.  The requisite friendly Antipodean staff, some cool seating and lighting, tasty food and a pretty decent flat white (a little weak for me but perfect for the other half) made with Allpress beans all adds up to a top spot for residents of SW15 - every neighbourhood should have at least one place like this.


  1. Tried & True a little further down the Upper Richmond Road is worth a visit as well. Serving Square Mile

  2. I will definitely check it out - thanks for the tip!