Monday, 24 September 2012

Protein by DunneFrankowski - EC2

I first encountered Rob Dune & Vic Frankowski and their mastery of all things caffeine-related at Tapped & Packed in Rathbone Place.  I used to work just round the corner from T&P and when it opened I was so excited (although it also came tinged with guilt as I abandoned Milk Bar at that point, although I then abandoned T&P for Nude in Soho Square and now I've moved offices I have moved on to fickle I am).  Vic & Rob created a really great cafe there before they moved on.  Given their expertise, it is no surprise that the boys have set up a coffee consultancy.  Luckily they are still making quality beverages for the masses (or at least that portion of the masses that know the lesser travelled streets of EC2A) and last year opened Protein by Dunne Frankowski, in a lovely space at 18 Hewett St, which is "endorsed" by creative agency Protein.  It's a lovely space and it encourages chatting with the barista whilst your coffee is being brewed, dripped, pressed and poured - and boy, do these guys like to talk about coffee, their passion is admirable and I think of them as the purists, the "caffeine monks" if you will.  I finally got there on the weekend - the other half and I went and checked out the Hewett St Block Party, 'cause that's the way we roll yeah - weekends are all about Shoreditch block parties and pop-up fun (OK, I admit it, mixed in with a little, OK a lot, of Deliverance take-away and Gardener's World re-runs...).  As well as an absolutely top notch flat white prepared by Vic, we also had a truly sublime burger at the Elliot's stand - still drooling thinking about that one...  Anyway this is a post about Protein by Dunne Frankowski so back to the coffee - my advice is, take a detour into the back streets of Shoreditch, have some primo quality coffee and loiter a while talking to the friendly caffeine monks in their snazzy monastery-cafe.  Happy days.