Friday, 31 August 2012

Ceviche - Frith St W1

I was (as I often am these days) late to the party with Ceviche but had been aware of the buzz and was really keen to check it out.  Another common failing of mine (wow I'm really beating myself up this post) is going somewhere I plan to blog about and then leaving it so long that I have forgotten what I ate and what I wanted to say about it.  That is the case with Ceviche but luckily I took some good photos and also I

 liked it so much that the glow is still with me.  It was a fun lunch, with my friends Lucas and Kylie, so even though it was mid week
 we got stuck in to the Pisco Sours, which were mighty fine.  We ordered a selection of food to share - lots of ceviche of course (sea bass, salmon and scallops) plus a funky beetroot salad and even some beef heart (which was super tasty).  It was all really good - the ceviche was amazing and everything looked so beautiful.  I haven't been to Peru so can't comment on the authenticity but whatever they're doing at Ceviche they are
 doing it really well.  Service was great and the place is really fun - it definitely felt like somewhere to have a raucous night, but was equally fun for a mildly boozy, Aussie crew lunch time get together.  I will definitely be back - not least because I am a sucker for raw fish and good cocktails (particularly the latter). Ceviche on Urbanspoon Square Meal


  1. That ceviche looks SO good!!

  2. Kat - it tasted good as well :)

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