Monday, 3 January 2011

Grind Coffee Bar - SW15

Ah Putney - home of rowers, rugger fans, Nick Clegg and now a really decent coffee place called Grind.  Actually this particular part of Putney reminds me of an old job - which was across the bridge in a really dull bit of Fulham.  I used to walk over the bridge and along the Lower Richmond Road sometimes for lunch - how I wish Grind had been there back then.  A perfectly formed fern leaf on the top of my flat white was a good first sign and the coffee itself lived up to the decoration - lovely.  What made it even better was that I accompanied it with a perfect, chewy giant Anzac biscuit - a surefire winner for any homesick Antipodean.  So if you are an SW resident (like me) the good news is we can add one more location on the good coffee map - keep 'em coming I say.


  1. This place is awesome - and my local. Yay!!

  2. It is too far to be a local for me but at least it is SW London!