Friday, 7 January 2011

Flat Planet - Great Marlborough St W1

I had walked past this place a few times and thought it was called "Fat Planet" and thought it was a weird name for a cafe, although perhaps quite honest...  Anyway silly me - it's Flat Planet and I think it could be a winner.  I finally went in today and wasn't really super hungry but luckily the lovely woman behind the counter offered me bite size samples of two of their flat breads.  Maybe I should take a step back before I start describing them - this place specialises in wheat free spelt flatbreads with a variety of toppings (so very much not Fat Planet actually).  Got it?  Good.  So the two I tried were both friggin' delicious - I can't wait to go back and try the full size versions.  One was called El Diablo and was amazing - spicy chorizo, rocket and parmesan among other things.  Yum.  The other was called a Moroccan and was also super tasty - with sour cream, hummus and tabouleh.  The one I am hanging out to try is their all day breakfast - pancetta & egg - sounds like hangover cure potential.  I ordered a coffee and whilst they didn't have flat white size cups the very friendly barista made me one in a latte cup and just poured less milk.  My coffee expectations were low but you know what, it was pretty good - too hot (as most places are) but really well steamed milk and pretty decent beans.  If all "non-coffee expert" cafes/sandwich joints in London could make coffee like this it would be a wondrous thing.  Even though I wasn't hungry I couldn't resist the chocolate brownies sitting on the counter (I mean I'm only human - stop judging me) so I had one - pretty darn fine.  Also they were just so nice in there - I really want them to succeed, so get on down there and get chomping on a delicious flat bread, you know you want to.

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