Monday, 31 January 2011

Crossrail - a small positive...

Those of you who read this blog will know I am not a fan of the Crossrail development - particularly as I have watched from my office window whilst a whole Soho block (including some really cool old warehouse buildings and a proper old Soho boozer) was demolished.  Don't even get me started on the Astoria.... Anyway, trying to look on the bright side - the demolition of the block bordered by Dean and Great Chapel Streets has revealed a better view of the old St Patrick's Schools Soho building - now one of those slightly shady English language colleges but originally I assume (I can't find any info on it) a school for local Soho RC children, perhaps associated with St Patrick's church in Soho Square?  I have always liked the building, in particular the writing on the front, but I had never realised there was a covered basketball court on the roof - I thought they only existed in New York.  Whilst I really like the building, it does have a certain grim quality so (perhaps unfairly) I imagine it was not exactly fun and games for the 19th century pupils.  At some stage though (most likely in the 20th century) they got a covered sports area (I imagine it must have been for football originally?) so at least that's something.  So one fringe benefit of the relentless Crossrail destruction/construction is these little glimpses into parts of Soho that have been hidden up until now.


  1. As a fellow London blogger I enjoyed this post.
    As for coffee, Camera Café on Museum St beats the froth.

  2. Thanks Paul - I love the area around the British Museum, will check out Camera Cafe. My favourite cafe around there is the London Review Bookshop Cafe - really good food also.

  3. keep up the good work,old building make the city bearable and expose the vile corporate faceless conformity that is being pushed upon us