Monday, 24 January 2011

Broadwick Street - Soho W1

I have several Soho streets that I love and Broadwick Street is right up there.  I love the cobbles (although it's a killer in flip flops), I love the row of perfectly preserved early 1700's terrace at Nos 48 to 58 (pictured), one of my favourite pubs is there, the John Snow - site of many a boozy evening over the last decade, buzzing on the cheap Sam Smith's Ayingerbrau lager (oh the hangover from that stuff).  The pub is named (ironically given he was a teetotaller) after the man who fought against the cholera epidemic and chained the water pump on Broadwick St to stop its spread - I also love the memorial water pump in the middle of the street, put there as a tribute to the great man.  Yauatcha is also on Broadwick St (love some posh dim sum) plus two of my other favourite streets run off Broadwick Street - Berwick Street (Flat White, Foxcroft & Ginger, the market and more) and Lexington Street (Andrew Edmunds, Mildreds, Fernandez & Wells to name a few). I've been meaning to do a blog post on the few remaining great independent record shops in London and one of the coolest ones is right here on Broadwick Street, up the Wardour St end - Sounds of the Universe, the place for all your reggae, disco, funk, soul and world beat needs and linked to the Soul Jazz label.  There's also a really cool art supply shop from which, over the years, I have bought many a handsome sketchbook, most of which are still in their pristine, un-sketched in state...sigh.  At the western end of Broadwick Street you can sashay right into Marshall Street (I love the enclave of Newburgh and Marshall Streets) or you can continue on and check out Carnaby St and Kingly Court.  So really, when you think about it, Broadwick Street rocks - in fact I may even venture to say Broadwick Street is the centre of Soho, at least in my book.


  1. Love your site. It's always a source of inspiration when I'm stuck for places to go, and I'll definitely be giving Broadwick Street a closer look.

    Best of luck,


  2. Thanks tdg - love your site. I particularly enjoyed "The Vacuous Selfridges Date"! And I'm with you on Maison Bertaux.