Friday, 21 January 2011

Bermondsey Street Coffee - SE1

OK so Bermondsey St is my new obsession (don't worry Bloomsbury - I still love you) so only days after eating at Zucca I dragged four willing coffee drinkers on a chilly walk from Borough Market to Bermondsey Street Coffee (made easier by the fact that Monmouth at Borough is closed for renovation, at least the coffee making part - you can still buy beans).  I had spotted this place and had wanted to go back and it didn't disappoint - it has that sort of laid back studenty vibe with mis-matched sofas and lots of retro posters on the wall (including Sam Fox in the loo!) which I have always liked - we nabbed a corner leather sofa combo and it was super cosy.  The coffee was great and the food looked good too - another reason to love Bermondsey St and another pin in my Central London Coffee Survival Guide map!


  1. Yes, it's very nice place. You should meet the owner too. I think he is a very funny guy. He is like a real comedian.

  2. I will make sure to seek him out next time I go! I do like a laugh with my flat white...

  3. I have to disagree...I did not like the coffee and I dislike the fact that they only serve in paper cups. One of the Aussie/NZ coffee places need to open up here in SE1!!