Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bullet @ Snow & Rock WC2

I certainly would never have gone looking for good coffee 3 flights up in the Snow & Rock ski & outdoor shop in Mercer Street in Covent Garden but thanks to The Cafe Hunter (cool site - you should check it out) I found it there.  I dragged my fellow blogger Ryan along and after dragging our sorry arses up 3 flights of stairs we found a laid back space, pretty much empty and the smell of freshly roasted beans - which it turns out are provided by a company called Bullet Coffee, who I had never heard of (today was a learning day).  Friendly staff, pretty fine coffee (as you will see from the photo) and a delicious Anzac biscuit, which - for you non-antiopodeans out there - is a chewy biscuit made from golden syrup, rolled oats...look, just check it out here.  Eating them always makes me homesick (in a good way) and they go perfectly with a strong flat white.  The one I had at Bullet was large and chewy and pretty much spot on.  Not sure I will be making special trips to Bullet just for coffee (although it is good) particularly as Monmouth is just round the corner but if ever I was walking by I would definitely go up and every now and again when I'm craving a chewy, syrupy taste of home I know where to go.

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  1. Have you visited the Roastery in Clapham? It sources beans from Bullet as well and is a great cafe!