Monday, 25 January 2010

Scott's - Mount St, Mayfair W1

I had a posh lunch today - a very posh lunch in fact, at Scott's in Mayfair and it was lovely.  Also, perhaps because it was lunch rather than dinner and we weren't being booze-hounds, it wasn't crazy expensive.  It ended up being around £60 a head for 2 courses plus coffee with truffles and mini-macaroons (oh yes!) and a pretty pricey bottle of Kiwi Chardonnay (which was delicious - Dog Point from Marlborough).  Without the vino it would have been around £45 per head.  So not somewhere I'll be lunching every day at this stage in my life (one day baby, one day...) but a lovely place to go for a special occassion.  I had griddled tiger prawns provencale for my starter which were delicious, smoky, juicy prawns in a tangy tomato sauce - there were around 6 in the dish and I could have eaten twice that and happily come back for more.  For main course I had smoked haddock (which always feels vaguely healthy to me but also delicious) on a bed of colcannon (I love colcannon as I have mentioned before...) with a perfectly poached egg sitting on top.  In fancy restaurant style, the waiter came over with a small copper sauce-pan (living up to it's name for once) and poured a delicious grain mustard sauce over the top to finish it off.  This was a great dish, warming, tasty - smoky, silky fish, comforting buttery colcannon, runny egg and creamy mustard sauce.  Perfection on a plate.  I accompanied it with some steamed spinach which was an inspired choice - spinach and smoked fish go so well together I think and it cut through some of the richness of the sauce.  If you are a fan of chocolate truffles (and it won't surprise you to know that I am) I can report that Scott's version are lovely - it's funny that even when you are full to the brim (which I was) you can always fit in a truffle or three.  We also got mini macaroons which were also tasty - in fact a full size macaroon is sometimes a bit much for me so bite size is just about right.  Two of my luncheon companions had a "plateau fruits de mer" (seafood platter where I come from mate) which was an OTT double layer of shellfish that looked like someone had raped and pillaged a coral reef and dumped it on a plate, which came with a selection of sinister looking implements to dissect and extract the various creatures from their shells.  They said it was delicious.  Next time I go to Scott's I want to leave room for pudding because my friend Rachel says their creme brulee is the best ever and it is my favourite dessert (so far the best I have had is La Petite Maison - another Mayfair establishment...get me, coming on all fancy).

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