Friday, 3 February 2012

Mishkin's - Catherine St WC2

This has been a week of awesome sandwiches for me, starting with a mouth watering pulled pork bun at Pitt Cue in Soho and finishing with a sensational Reuben sandwich at Mishkin's in Covent Garden.  I am a big Russell Norman fan, especially Polpo and Spuntino, so I already knew there was a good chance I would like Mishkin's.  I love the way they describe themselves as a "kind-of Jewish deli with cocktails" - given I have always loved traditionally Jewish food (load me up on the pastrami, bagels, challah bread, soup with matzah balls etc) and I am also rather fond of cocktails, this also boded well. My friend Ryan and I went there for lunch today - unsurprisingly, given the fantastic venues Russell has fitted out to date, Mishkin's looks fab, outside and in.  The menu is great - whilst we wanted to try as much as possible, both Ryan and I could not go past the traditional Reuben
sandwich.  Made with corned beef, toasted rye bread and melted Swiss cheese, this is a mighty fine sandwich at the best of times but Mishkin's version was amazing.  With some pickles on the side and with sharing plates of slaw and fries/onion rings in front of us (the latter called "Half & Half") we were two happy lunchers.  Ryan is a bad influence and guilted me (calories wise) out of having a malted shake and instead forced me (so hard to twist my rubbery arm...) to have a cocktail.  I went for the gin rickey (basically gin and lime) and it was great - I felt very "Mad Men"  drinking gin at lunchtime.  I can't wait to go back to Mishkin's and try other things on the menu and hammer those gin rickeys again - this is a really great place and may even become my favourite in the Russell Norman stable.  So bubbalas, don't be schmucks, ignore the kvetching from some well known food critics and go check out Mishkin's, it's ace.

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  1. That sandwich looks amazing!!

  2. Two wafer-thin slices of meat – and you're calling this a Reuben.
    It's more sauerkraut than meat. And it's more bread than anything else.
    If I wanted a loaf of bread, I would have gone to a bakery.
    Are you joking?
    Marks and Spencer makes pre-packed Ham sandwiches with more meat than this thing!
    I've never seen such a stingy sandwich, let alone a Reuben.
    A place like this would be laughed out of existence in New York, New Jersey – or any state in America for that matter.

    What a let down... I will never return again.

  3. Thanks for the comments Joey - I agree that if you are comparing Mishkin's Reuben to a New York deli version it comes up looking a little lean. I have always found the sandwiches in NY a bit too much so found Mishkin's version more manageable. Have you tried the B&K Salt Beef Bar in Edgeware? They are definitely more generous with the meat there!

  4. I certainly have my friend. B&K Salt Beef Bar up in Edgeware is absolutely lovely. I've been there seven or eight times. I'm also very fond of the 24 hour bagel shop on Brick Lane. I always get the Salt Beef on Rye with English mustard there. It's open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can't go wrong on Brick Lane. They're always very generous and they never disappoint.

  5. Hello hello - just read about your return to Mishkin's yesterday via your Twitter; I'm the waiter who served you guys! I'm a big fan of your blog, hope you two enjoyed your meal yesterday (especially the fried tomatoes and Cucumber Martinis!).


  6. Darryl - what a small world it is! Thank you for looking after us - we will be back soon for some more fried green tomato deliciousness (and also so my alcho friend Ryan can swig more gin)