Monday, 19 April 2010

Tapped & Packed - Rathbone Place W1

So this place has only been open for 2 weeks and walking past all you see is a big "No. 26" on the outside - however I think it is called Tapped & Packed and there is a website, Facebook page and Twitter feed (see here)  and a blog which is so 2010.  Anyway whatever this place is called, I love it and it is within spitting distance of where I work so I am one happy bunny today.  I had an exemplary flat white, made with Climpson & Sons beans and also had a mighty fine bircher muesli-like concoction (although I shouldn't have added honey, it was sweet enough without).  They are also brewing single origin coffees with the added (and unique for London I think) feature of being able to choose the brewing method - filter, cafetiere, siphon or aeropress (the siphon is so cool - like a chemistry experiment).  They also use some Square Mile beans so the variety if fantastic.  The food options are limited for now but are all really good - a selection of pre-packaged sandwiches and salads (but good quality) for lunch and some tasty looking cakes.  So go and check these guys out - they are super new and they are just the sort of place that we all should be supporting.  Down with the chain stores - long live the indies!

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  1. So glad (for you, Rob) that you have an excellent espresso shop nearby. I doubt that it will curtail your culinary explorations, but it certainly helps to reduce the travel costs when you just desire something tasty.

  2. You're right - I never mind some travel if there is good coffee at the end of it! This place is really great though - I definitely recommend a visit.