Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lantana Take-Away - Charlotte Place W1

You can never have too much Lantana as far as I'm concerned, so I was very happy to see the new Lantana take-away shop is open, next door to the existing cafe.  One of the issues with Lantana was the space - it got so crowded in there during peak times and sometimes the take-away coffees took a while to be made.  Solution: open a new take-away outfit next door to free up the cafe for eat-ins.  Genius.  The new take-away shop is clean and simple - offering a selection of cakes and yummy stuff to go with the consistently good coffee.  I had some delicious toasted banana bread today - I used to hate anything with banana in it, even though I liked bananas...not sure why but banana cake, banoffie pie, Barney Banana ice-creams (any Aussies reading this will know what these are) all made me want to barf, then suddenly a few years ago it was all OK and thank God for that because now I can enjoy the joy that is toasted banana bread.  Still no word on where the previous occupant of this space, Viet Baguette has gone - if anyone knows, please let me know. 


  1. Maybe its gone off to NY, there seem to be a load of banh mi places there : )

    I need to go back and try this as I wasn't wowed when we sat and ate but everyone keeps muttering about the "crack" cakes which I definitely missed (what the hell are they thou)

  2. They are hummingbird cup cakes - think it's pineapple and banana and nuts with a carrot cake-like consistency and cream cheese icing (I could eat a bowl of cream cheese icing, it's my secret shame). I really like this place but am in a weird position now of having so many great coffee places within a 5 to 10 minute walk (Milk Bar, Flat White, Tapped & Packed, Fernandez & Wells, Foxcroft & Ginger to name but 5!) so I don@t go here as much as I used to.