Monday, 19 April 2010

Scooterworks - SE1

I love the area around Waterloo station (like Roupell St) and Lower Marsh is one of those streets that is bang up against the station but manages to feel like a sleepy High St - or at least what a High St used to feel like.  I had read about Scooterworks cafe and had been curious to check it out.  I go through Waterloo station every day of the week but I am either running late or I forget or I'm already caffeined up to the hilt from our pretty decent home brewed flat whites (made on our wonderful Rancilio Silvia).  Saturday I finally made it there - what a cool little cafe.  The vibe is all 50s, diner style but with an alternative edge (in case you are picturing Johnny Rockets or similar).  It was really chilled out at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon - people sitting in the cute little courtyard out back, a really friendly woman serving and decor inside that reminded me of places I used to hang out in at Uni (in a good way!).  There was a notice for a screening of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof downstairs in the basement so I guess there's more space down there.  I just loved the whole feel of the place and will definitely be back.  In the spirit of honesty, the flat white (made on a beautiful Italian 1957 Faema espresso machine) was a little weak and a little too hot for my tastes but still absolutely drinkable.  I really liked this place - it will definitely be a pitstop when I am commuting through Waterloo or lurking around the Southbank.

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  1. I'd heard good things about Scooterworks, but we walked out after sitting down for about 20 mins waiting for someone to take our coffee order, and were even ignored when we went up to the counter to try to get some attention while the guy faffed around making hot chocolates for some kids. There was also a mangy, half dead cat wandering around which has also put me off ever going back. I guess you had better luck! There's a lovely grocer across the road which does good breakfasts if you get stuck without a coffee like I did!

  2. That sounds like a completely different experience! I noticed the grocer - will def check it out, thanks for the tip.

  3. Yeah, you've got Coopers Natural Foods just across the street and then the brilliant Greensmiths a little bit further up inside which you find Ginger Pig, decent coffee, fresh veg, a great little cheese section, a lunch restaurant... Awesome.

    Personally I am a big ScooterWorks fan though. Never had a bad experience there, and love the fact that they let you bring your own lunch and sit down and relax.

    A bit of background available here.

  4. Thanks Manne - sounds like I need to spend a day hanging out in Lower Marsh!

  5. My review of Scooterworks below. Also at

    Collection of antique scooters and old French Caffe signs creates a cluttered but calming atmosphere.

    A skilled barista pulls balanced coffees from her old world Faema espresso machine.

    A varied collection of old well worn wooden chairs provide comfortable seating.

    A small collection of cakes (carrot or apple/walnut on our visit) provide a tasty afternoon treat.

    The coffee was strong flavoured but well balanced. A smooth finish.

    Cappuccinos came with a dusting of choc with some extra flavours in there. Was it a spot of caramel?

  6. Thanks for this - cool site.

  7. Nice post Rob. Glad you like your Miss Silvia

  8. Love Miss Silvia! Just added a Rocky to the family as well.

  9. The place is not the same anymore. We miss the lovely Italian lady (the owner we believed) with a funny name! (Fuffy? Fifi?)