Thursday, 8 April 2010

Noodle Oodle - Oxford St W1

Given it's position on a particularly un-lovely stretch of Oxford Street I had never thought of going into Noodle Oodle, in fact I had assumed it was one of those vile Thai all you can eat buffet places.  Then I was trying to find somewhere cheap and Asian to eat near TCR tube (I can't remember why - that is not my usual criteria) and this place came up in the search results.  So then I started doing my research and read some good things and finally went there this week for lunch.  It was super tasty - in particular the hand pulled noodles that are their speciality.  You can choose from a variety of noodle toppings and you can go dry or soup (I chose dry) - I had the char sui (pork) noodles.  The meat was really delicious and the noodles were sticky, dense and morish.  In combination with the sweet sauce and some bok choy on the side, it was a great lunch time dish.  They also do dumplings and other dim sum - we shared a plate of pork buns.  I had expected the normal steamed char sui bun and these were different - not as good but still tasty.  The bun itself was not as fluffy as a char sui bun, more dense and noodle-like.  The filling, rather than dark, sticky, sweet pork was more like a ball of sausage meat - but good sausage meat.  So overall I think this place is a real gem amongst a sea of crap on Oxford Street.  I will definitely be back - particularly as it is about a 2 minute walk from my office.

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