Monday, 15 February 2010

The Roastery - Wandworth Road SW8

I have been wanting to check this place out for a while as it is a short(ish) bus ride from my house, which in the coffee-wasteland that is SW London classifies as "local" in my book.  It didn't disappoint - these guys are part of the Bullet Coffee Collective who source their own beans and also run the Bullet Cafe on the top floor of Snow & Rock in 7 Dials (which is a great place for coffee despite the weird location).  The coffee is great - really nice blend and well made by a friendly fella.  Just like Bullet Cafe, they have Anzac biscuits on offer, which gives them a million brownie points (is that a mixed metaphor?) from me - the one I had on the weekend was yummy and reminded me of my home country (sniff). My better half had a delicious white chocolate tart thing and there was a great breakfast menu which I will definitely be back to try.  The service was great and the vibe is realy relaxed - I loved the fact that they went and bought a Sunday paper for a woman who was having breakfast there.  I just wish they were located a little bit further west so I could walk there on weekend mornings.  So hooray for The Roastery - a little gem on this somewhat bleak stretch of Wandsworth Road. 

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  1. Good coffee in sarf London - nice one

  2. I'm about ten minutes away, and although there are other places nearer they're well worth the walk. Coffee of real quality, and I like the haphazard appearance of chocolate fish with some of the coffees they serve. Noticed they've just this week been featured in TimeOut's top 5 south London coffee shops - so I expect a few more people will be making the journey to this rather lost and off-the-beaten-track corner of London.

  3. I agree David - this place is definitely worth the trek. I just wish Clapham/Battersea/Wandsworth could sustain a few more cafes like this.