Monday, 22 February 2010

Colville Place W1

Colville Place has always been a favourite of mine.  I used to work in Charlotte Street and the first time I discovered it (when I was cutting through to Whitfield Street) I was won over.  A fairly standard row of 18th century houses is given extra charm by being located on this little oasis just off busy Charlotte Street and metres from crazy Tottenham Court Road.  You really feel like you have entered another world when you turn into Colville Place and the fact that the residents have turned the areas in front of their houses into makeshift gardens with loads of pot plants makes it even more magical.  A lot of the houses look like they have extensive roof terraces as well - you can see the vegetation peeping over the tops of the houses.  I have often thought I should stalk someone who lives here just to get access to one of the roof terraces - what a great venue for a Summer party.  However  in all my years of lurking on Colville Place I have never seen anyone come out of these houses.  The Movie Poster Art Gallery is located here as well as a tiny park that in Summer is crammed with media types soaking up Vitamin D.  So next time you are buying your lunch in Charlotte Street or Goodge Street, trundle on round to Colville Place and munch your sandwich on one of London's most charming streets.


  1. My grandfather lived in this street in the latter part of the nineteenth century. A real London oasis.

  2. My great great grandmother was living at 11 Colville Place in 1942.