Thursday, 18 February 2010

Taylor St Baristas EC2

Small but perfectly formed - an expression that could describe the Fiat 500 or perhaps this building but also describes Taylor St Baristas in New Street near Liverpool St station.  I had read about this place on various blogs including the excellent TomEatsJenCooks so in my tireless search for good coffee I jumped on the Central Line and headed there today with my friend Ryan.  I was prepared for it being small and it was - given it was raining we decided to eat in so had to put up with pushy city boys jostling us as they queued for their coffee.  However if you view this place as more of a take away place (which it is) then the "in one door out the other" system seemed to work quite well even if it did seem a bit farm-like (no milking machines were attached to any appendages whilst we were there however...).  The food on offer and the coffee are great and the place has a good vibe so all in all a little gem.  My 2 flat whites were spot on - although Ryan was not as impressed with his first one (his second made up for it).  The steamed milk artwork was the best I have ever seen - my photo actually doesn't do it justice.  To eat I had a super tasty peri-peri chicken sandwich, toasted to perfection.  I got so excited to see lamingtons on offer we had to have one with our second coffee and it was really good, or as good as sponge dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut can be (which in my book, is pretty freakin good).  Even more exciting was the basket full of caramello koalas - high on my list of favourite Aussie chocolate treats.  If I worked near this place I would go every day and next time I go to Spitalfields or Brick Lane I will definitely pick up a take away at Taylor St on the way.  I also plan to visit the new location in the City (corner of Old Broad St and Threadneedle St) which looks big enough to eat in without having an accountant elbowing you in the back.


  1. Thanks for the mention and glad you enjoyed your trip to my favourite coffee shop.

    Is pretty much the only thing that makes my foul negative career enjoyable : )

  2. Keep the faith Tom - who knows where the blog will lead you, career change perhaps?