Monday, 30 January 2012

Sensory Lab - Wigmore St W1

I really miss the Penny University  - which existed briefly but beautifully in Redchurch St in Shoreditch and was run by the Square Mile guys.  It was all about the coffee and focused on brewed coffee in lots of weird and wonderful (at the time - now every joker (i.e. me) has a an Aeropress) ways.  So I was really excited to check out  Sensory Lab - opened by the St Ali folk from Clerkenwell (and originally my home town of Melbourne).  Sensibly adding espresso to the line up, which makes this place a bit more accessible than Penny University (although not quite as ascetic and pure), this place is still ALL about the coffee - I didn't see any food on offer.  The other half had a pretty decent flat white and I had a really delicious and unusual Rwandan brewed coffee (in the aforementioned Aeropress) which was all citrusy and complex and stuff and made me feel like a true coffee connoisseur.  I love the fact that London is so into coffee now that places like Sensory Lab can open and exist - and on Wigmore St of all places.  Nice one - we've come a long way folks.

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