Monday, 30 January 2012

The Earlsfield Deli - SW18

OK so bear with me now - I know The Earlsfield Deli is in deepest, darkest SW18 but hey, it's my 'hood and I am super excited that there is somewhere serving really good coffee just near my house (finally an entry on my Central London Coffee Survival Guide map that I can walk to on weekends).  And you know what - you should make the trip to Earlsfield because it's great.  So there.  Anyway (*deep breath*) this is a really lovely little deli.  Behind the jaunty blue facade, there is a great selection of breads, produce, meats, cheese, cakes, the usual deli fare as well as delicious sandwiches and (here's the best bit) really great coffee made with Nude Espresso beans.  These guys have been trained up in the art of espresso making by the Nudists themselves and also sell their beans.  Without the fancy latte-art for now, these are still top notch flat whites.  Their plan is also to open later and serve wine and nibbles - which I am looking forward to.  Top this all off with friendly service and I think, even if this was not a hop, skip and a jump from my front door, I'd still love it.  So come south my friends and fortify yourselves with coffee and a sanga (as we say in my native country) at the Earslfield Deli.


  1. I used to live in Earlsfield! I wish this place had been there then. I liked it there but there was definitely nowhere that made good coffee :)

  2. Surely gonna visit this place when I go to Earlsfield !