Saturday, 14 January 2012

Salt - Great Queen St WC2

I had heard about Salt but was not really sure exactly where it was so thanks to Rebecca for alerting me pre Christmas exactly where to find this little gem of a cafe.  For those fans of 32 Great Queen Street (and I am definitely one) Salt is a few doors down.  You can sit outside and stare at the slightly spooky grandeur of the Masonic "United Grand Lodge" (you feeling the Da Vinci code vibe yet?) opposite.  Inside, this dinky cafe serves top notch flat whites made with Square Mile beans and also offers a selection of really lovely looking food.  My friend Rob and I shared a delicious chocolate brownie - we would have eaten more but we'd just pigged out at Fernandez & Wells at Somerset House (review to come).  This is a long, thin cafe (no sniggers please) with more seating out the back when you tire of staring at the Masons.  I really like this cafe and this area - so check it out.