Saturday, 30 April 2011

Piccadilly Arcade - SW1

Somewhat over-shadowed by the flashier Burlington Arcade across the road, I prefer the Piccadilly Arcade, running south from Piccadilly towards Jermyn Street.  As well as some very grand outfitters (this is the perfect arcade to go to if you are looking for hunting gear or a silk dressing you do) there are some wonderful little shops here - my favourites are Iconastas - specialising in Russian art, from the ancient icons that give the shop its name to more contemporary Soviet era pieces; and St James Art Books - which despite its name is not a book shop, but instead a rather lovely shop selling original artworks that are pricey but fascinating (and we can all dream right?).  Weirdly there's a bit of a focus on Soviet painters of the 50s and 60s - not sure why this rather grand St James Arcade has a recurring Russian theme, maybe there's a story behind it.  Anyway - if like me, you are fond of an old fashioned arcade (which I think stems from my Melbourne heritage - we do a mighty fine arcade there) then make sure to visit this one, perhaps after stopping off for a browse at Fortnums or buying some books at the lovely Hatchards.


  1. I used to really like this one when I worked around the corner on St James' Square. Although I was once sheltering from the rain in there and crapping on to someone on the phone and a grumpy shop owner came out and said (in a proper St James' accent) "sir, do you realise how annoying it is to have to listen to your telephone conversation as you pace up and down outside my shop?"

  2. You're lucky he didn't hit you over the head with a Russian icon (or perhaps a pair of hunting boots).