Monday, 20 September 2010

Hatchards - Piccadilly W1

It was a tough call as to what was my favourite bookshop in London - I love Daunt Books in Marylebone High St and I am very fond of Foyles (and have blogged about it before) but I think the winner has to be Hatchards in Piccadilly.  It is the oldest surviving bookshop in London, operating since 1797, but it has no sense of stuffiness that usually goes with that "oldest surviving" tag.  In fact the staff are so lovely that you feel like you could hang out there all day (I would so love to do that, maybe popping down the road to the Wolseley for some sustenance now and again).  I feel sorry for Waterstones a few shops down - because who in their right mind would go there when Hatchards is nearby?  Having said that, Waterstones always seems busy (I don't buy books there but I do use their toilets sometimes!) - maybe I'll stand outside and make sure people are aware that if they just keep walking for another 50 metres they could be in one of the world's best bookshops.

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  1. Thanks Londonrob! From everyone here at Hatchards, we're thrilled that you approve of the service we offer. Thanks for visiting us and we'd love to have you back again!