Monday, 18 April 2011

Scandinavian Kitchen W1 - revisited

I have already written about the wonderful Scandinavian Kitchen but after attending their bloggers' night a few weeks ago I decided that they were worthy of another shout-out.  Why?  Let me count the ways - (1) The food is delicious - if you haven't tried Scandi open sandwiches (known as smorgasbord) then you need to rectify that situation and fast.  Plus these guys have amazing cakes and all sorts of other goodies.  (2) I love love love the Scandi groceries they sell - I am a sucker for foreign supermarkets and products so this sort of shop was always going to appeal to me but beyond the funky packaging and snigger-inducing names (try asking for Plopp or Spunk with a straight face) there are some delicious Scandi goodies for sale - my new favourite breakfast is dark crispbread with delicious Danish cheese and organic raspberry and blueberry jam, all bought from the Scandi Kitchen. (3) These guys are just really lovely people - Jonas and Bronte put so much love into this place and that was evident at their bloggers' night.  They are passionate about their region's food and keen to pass on that passion to the people of London.  It was so refreshing to see their approach - it was actually a marked contrast to another event I went to the following week (which shall remain nameless...) where it felt super corporate and you really got a sense of the money men behind the scenes.  Long live the Scandi Kitchen way of doing things.  Anyway - this is a super cool place with great food in a really cool part of London - Great Titchfield Street in Fitzrovia has become a real food/coffee destination with Scandi Kitchen, Kaffeine and now the Riding House Cafe all in close proximity.  Have I convinced you yet?  Get down there!


  1. They deserve a shout out simply for their daily changing street-sign which always gives me the giggles when I walk past!

  2. So true - everything about this place makes me smile.

  3. I was at this event too! And totally agree with you that Scandi Kitchen is a real gem of a place. It's my favourite place to just sit and while away time over a coffee.

    I can't go too often as the kladdkaka lures me with its siren song of sticky chocolate loveliness and I won't be able to zip anything up if I succumb too often!