Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My Top Fives

Well the year is almost done and the overwhelming need to create "best of "lists has got too much for me.  So here you go...

Top 5 Coffee Places (in no particular order):
  • Milk Bar - I just love this place and the coffee is great and it makes me happy going there.  My only issue now is it's too bloody popular
  • Tapped & Packed - I had my best flat white of the week there this week and it's close to where I work and the food is great
  • Caravan - top notch caffeine, great place, in the wonderful Exmouth Market, say no more.
  • Brewed Boy - because Rob is a legend
  • Kaffeine - others have questioned the consistency here but I have always had a great experience and the Aussie barista who sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue is one of the friendliest in London
Top 5 Restaurants (not all of which I have blogged about):
  • Chez Bruce - consistency, great service, amazing food, lovely location (although I am biased on this point) and just all round superb
  • Andrew Edmunds - prior to Chez Bruce stealing my heart this was my favourite London restaurant.  So why haven't I blogged about it I hear you ask?  I don't know is the answer.
  • Arbutus - not everyone's favourite but they had me at the squid and mackerel burger (and kept me faithful with the tarte tartin)
  • Bob Bob Ricard - I did not expect to even like this place and I ended up loving it.  Fun, crazy and the best chicken kiev I have ever eaten.
  • Dean Street Townhouse - I think this place gets it spot on in terms of food, atmosphere, service - like the perfect New York bistro with high-end comfort food.  Love it.
Top 5 London Things (that aren't coffee or restaurant related);


  1. I know everyone feels like "their" coffee place is the best but don't you think The Espresso Room deserves to be in any "top whatever" list of London flat white excellence??!

  2. To be honest Tim the only reason it doesn't make it in is because I have only been there a few times so just don't feel I "know it" well enough. Having said that every coffee I have had there has been excellent. And I do mention it in my Bloomsbury section!

  3. Milk Bar is my fave too!

  4. I agree (with TimM) that the Espresso Room delivers some of the best coffee around, and that includes some of the best cafés in the world that I've had the pleasure to visit. I wish that I could say unequivocally say that it is the best in London, but I lack sufficient experience (as Rob also states). Fortunately for you Londoners, there is an expanding set of excellent choices, so much so that it is difficult to sample them all and reliably rate them! That's a good problem to have, I'd say.

    an appreciative visitor,