Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hawksmoor - Spitalfields E1

I seem to have been ticking off a few places from my "need to go" list lately and Hawksmoor has been on there for ages.  Not that I am endorsing heavy drinking, but we were a little hungover on Sunday and as such were in desperate need of a tasty brunch and some strong coffee.  Hawksmoor delivered on both counts - I had what can only be described as a posh sausage and egg mcmuffin and it was delicious.  Obviously these guys only use the best ingredients and the sausage part of the "HkMuffin" comes from the wonderful Ginger Pig farm so was bound to be good.  The coffee (strong latte) was top notch also and the whole vibe of the place suited our slightly worse-for-wear mood.  I want to come back really soon and have a burger and try their steak - as they have opened a new outpost in Seven Dials, that will now be a whole lot easier to do.

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  1. The HK brunch is one of the things I can't wait to try again.

    I heard that Taylor St have opened a little stall in a carpark near Liverpool Street - curious to see if you have been or have any new coffee recommendations!

  2. I can never face a Maccas sausage and egg mcmuffin again after eating the Hawksmoor version (oh crap - did I just reveal that I occasionally eat a Maccas breakfast....). Thanks for the Taylor St car park tip! There are a couple of newbies I need to review including one in a clothes shop in Fitzrovia. Did you see the Indie Coffee Cart review? Did you ever go? Great stuff. Hope all is well in Honkers.