Tuesday, 12 October 2010

City Caphe - EC2V

So I made the trek to the City to check out the appropriately named City Caphe on Ironmonger Lane. I had heard and read good things and I love me a banh mi (whatever the hell happened to Viet Baguette??). Anyway, with my head full of the deliciousness of a Vietnamese pork baguette I had lost track of time and it was after 3pm by the time I got there and they had completely sold out of banh mi. Cursing the hungry and discerning city types under my breath I settled for some classic spring rolls (cuon) and took them plus the tasty nuoc cham dipping sauce to the quiet courtyard of St Olaves, also on Ironmonger Lane. Man.  Oh man - they were so tasty, this bodes well for my return visit for the main event. Plus I will be having some Vietnamese coffee - so stay tuned.


  1. You definitely need to try their baguettes. Best hangover cure there is!!

  2. Don't worry Pete - I will be back there very soon to try those pork bahn mi. Bring it on!