Tuesday, 19 October 2010

City Caphe - Part 2

Following my late arrival last time, I made it back to City Caphe nice and early so I didn't miss out on the bahn mi. I had the classic pork sandwich with an iced Viet Coffee and both were brilliant. The bitter coffee, sweet condensed milk and ice combo took me back to younger, more carefree days back-packing in Laos, I could have doubled up but thought that was greedy. The bahn-mi was perfect, sticky pork, chilli bite, chewy slightly toasted baguette. The people that work at City Caphe are really lovely also and the place is really cool - but for some reason it's plonked right in the middle of the City.  Oh man - why is there not a City Caphe in Soho? They need to open one - I may start a petition.

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  1. Do you know if there is anywhere to get bahn-mi in central London/Soho? I can't find anywhere!!

  2. Hi Kat - since Viet Bauette closed their doors (supposedly to open in a bigger premises somewhere early this year but that never happened) I have not found anywhere in Soho/Fitzrovia that does bahn-mi. There is a good place in Holborn apparently called BahnMi Bay which I plan to check out. Let me know if you find somewhere in W1!